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The CMA 2024 presents

Acadian Days at Grand-Pré 2023 is an annual festival with the mission of bringing together many Acadians to celebrate and share their culture and history with tourists and the local community of the world's most famous Acadian memorial site: Grand-Pré.

4 p.m. Music, wine and cheese

Henri Lafitte, singer-songwriter from Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, carries with him 40 years of songs with various rhythms: life and challenges of his archipelago, eventful history, vital vector of the French language... He has organized festivals where Acadian artists have had a strong presence. In September 2022, the SNA awarded him the Camille-Antoine Richard Medal for his contribution to the promotion of his community and to the development of its youth.


Philippe Apestéguy, also from Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon, has a long experience as a bass player in a wide variety of genres, including rock, country-folk, jazz, but also song. He has a great faculty of adaptation and brings a very personal touch. He’s had the initiative to accompany Henri Lafitte in a process that carries the colors of the archipelago.

Henri et Philippe musiciens acadien cinéma causerie
Phil comeau artiste
couvert racines diaspora et guerre

5:00 p.m. Movie and chat
Special movie preview

(in French with English subtitles)

Acadian singer Isabelle Cyr embarks on a fascinating journey to France to trace her ancestry and meet her cousins in Poitou, Brittany and Normandy. During this fascinating journey where the past and the present mix with personal discoveries and stories, Isabelle composes a song about these French people of America and their diaspora in France, still attached to their roots.

Phil Comeau is an Acadian director, screenwriter and producer. He has directed over a hundred films and programs that have won nearly 600 awards around the world. A key figure in Acadian cinema, Phil Comeau is one of the great witnesses to contemporary Acadia. Questioning history and identity, his work constitutes a remarkable fresco tracing the exile, resistance and emancipation of a people.

Acadian Days activities and access to the grounds of Grand-Pré National Historic Site are free. However, visitors must pay a fee for guided tours and to visit the Information Centre and the Memorial Church on Friday and Saturday 
Free admission on Sunday, June 16.


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Facebook : experiencegrandpre

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